How to start the year full of fresh ideas

Which lens are you looking through? Are you zooming in or zooming out? Are you looking back at what has been? Or are you resolutely looking ahead? Lees meer

Pedeo wishes you sparkling holidays

Let’s zoom out, let’s take a different perspective To look at things from a distance And then suddenly, we see the bigger picture A complex fusion unfolds At Pedeo, we also zoom out for a moment We make time for what really matters In order… Lees meer

Happy Holidays

The Pedeo team wishes you a splendid summer filled with water sparkling in the sun Lees meer

Spring is budding cautiously

Spring is budding cautiously Young shoots, blossoms burst open Despite winter storm, despite spring whims Lees meer

Economical with raw materials thanks to high-pressure die casting

Raw materials cost a fortune these days, and there is no immediate improvement yet in sight. High-pressure die casting uses our raw materials sustainably, reducing costs as a result. Lees meer

Happy holidays

Season greetings from Team Pedeo The festive season is here again. It’s been a year full of unexpected twists and turns.. No shortage of challenges, our hopes sometimes put to the test. We hope that you will enjoy a moment of relaxation A smile, and beautiful things under… Lees meer

Teledyne FLIR opts for aluminium over plastic for traficam traffic camera

Aluminium, Zamak or injection-moulded plastic after all? Sometimes a choice of material is very simple, while at others subtle factors make all the difference. Discover Teledyne FLIR’s story. They decided to exchange their TrafiCam traffic camera’s plastic housing for an aluminium version. They had and still have multiple good reasons… Lees meer

Surface treatment of high-pressure castings: how to be sure of the quality?

Painting, anodising or galvanic treatment: a total solution with Pedeo quality assuranceFor surface treatments, Pedeo works with local and reliable specialists, including coordination and quality assurance. The goal? The best all-round solution for you. ““Preselection of proven quality””Hans De Croo, Sales… Lees meer

The Flemish Ardennes, a paradise for cyclists and hikers

Team Pedeo wishes you a wonderful summer! Lees meer