Numerous electrotechnical and electronic applications function thanks to Pedeo parts. Thanks to the precise design, many details can be cast in the mould, each with exactly the right position and dimensions.

Cast aluminium or zinc housings offer the following advantages:

  • Perfect electromagnetic shielding
  • High-quality metal look and feel, with or without surface treatment
  • Robust
  • Great freedom of form, optimal use of available space and weight
  • Integration of functionalities: openings for connectors, bosses for circuit boards, sealing grooves, heat release, etc.

Cooling blocks

High pressure die casting is the ideal technique for cooling blocks with a very specific design.

A heat simulation helps design the optimum heat release and air flow.

Cast aluminium or zinc cooling blocks offer the following advantages:

  • Optimal design for maximum heat release
  • Combination of solid zones (heat extraction) and thin ribs (heat release)
  • Cast cooling channels
  • Bosses for mounting e.g. an integrated fan

Parts for fixing

High pressure die casting offers the following advantages for producing parts for fixing:

  • Freedom in design
  • Optimal use of available space and weight
  • Stronger than plastic
  • Optimum strength/weight combination (rib structure)
  • Integration of various different parts into one complex high pressure cast product
  • Specific pass sizes and reference surfaces due to limited CNC processing

Corner pieces and end pieces

High pressure die casting is perfectly suited to the production of corner pieces and ensures a perfect connection and finishing of, among other things, extrusion profiles.

  • Internal reinforcement of the corner by a press and/or glue connection
  • External screw or press connection of profiles
  • Aesthetic connection without weld
  • Strong corner connection
  • Extrusion profile caps and fixing feet

Overmoulding of other materials

Via high pressure die casting, it is possible to overmould other materials, such as axles, bushings or bolts, with the aim of even better strength, weldability, wear resistance or heat conduction.

The properties of both materials can be used optimally, without sacrificing design freedom.