About Pedeo

Co-design is in our DNA

We are a third-generation family business and build on the foundations laid by blacksmith and founder Pieter D’Haeyer. He put his passion for art and technology into the soul of his company. This energy is still here today.

At that time, the foundation was laid for a future-proof business that differentiates itself through its reliability, proximity and co-design philosophy.

From the very start, Pedeo has put the customer first. In response to market needs, new technologies were quickly introduced to provide reliable total solutions. The company pioneered high pressure die casting, supplemented by finishing, surface treatment and assembly. Pedeo has now become a leading high pressure die casting foundry in western Europe.

People and technology

Pedeo is people-oriented and attaches great importance to cooperation with customers, its own employees and other stakeholders. Our passions are people and technology. This is expressed through technological innovation, flexible automation, customer satisfaction, digitisation, safety, ecology and sustainability.

Pedeo therefore represents the best overall offer: product quality, delivery reliability and service.