Kathy, proud staff member

Kathy, proud staff member

After die casting, most parts undergo finishing: deburring, drilling, threading, assembling various castings, and so on. It’s an important step before the castings are delivered.

Kathy works in the finishing department, and was relieved that she could continue to work during the lockdown. She accepted the adjustments to the way of working with no complaints. “It’s no good just sitting at home. You feel that you are really making a contribution here and that’s good for your self-esteem.”

Very involved

Kathy is very involved in the company: “Pedeo is a very human company, and the work is extremely varied.” She is also very proud of the parts she delivers: “I am keen to know what a part will be used for. It helps you focus on the right details. If I come across a part I worked on in my day-to-day life, it makes me feel proud.”

Kathy’s commitment does not come out of the blue. “Pedeo invests in its people and in their training. Every colleague has his or her particular speciality and also helps train the others. This is necessary because there are a great many different possible finishings.”

The best approach is discussed for each new project and the colleague who will perform the work is actively involved in this process. This interaction is highly motivating and produces the best results. Kathy is often assigned projects in which a part’s surface needs to be blasted with fine, plastic granules. Her feedback has resulted in a number of process improvements, relating not only to productivity but also to ergonomics. “It is really motivating when they listen to you”.

“I feel proud when I come across parts I worked on.”