Jan, between man and technology

Prevention adviser Pedeo

For Jan, the past few months have been particularly unusual. In his capacity as prevention adviser, the COVID-19 crisis was a daily point on his agenda. Jan helped ensure that Pedeo could continue to operate. “It is thanks to the proactivity and efforts of everyone that production and deliveries have continued.”

“We did everything we could to keep Pedeo operating, in the interest of our employees, our customers and our partners. Risks were identified and addressed: distance and disinfection and work station checks are just a few examples. This meant that people could carry on working and customers were not left out in the cold.” This was appreciated from a different angle too: “Agora awarded Pedeo a Green Label for its COVID-19 policy.”

Safety and well-being

Of course, Jan has a great many other projects to look after as well. Employee safety and well-being are always high on his list of priorities. “We try to translate these issues into real life as much as possible, also before this crisis. Minor adjustments to workstations prevent back complaints or quite simply make the work more agreeable. The number of days with no occupational accidents is posted in the production hall, a little reminder for everyone that walks through the door.”

The technical aspects of the job are also extremely varied: inspections, certificates, emergency procedures, and so on. Several colleagues decided to get to work and designed their own laser marking machine. Jan established the safety regulations. “For the emergency stop procedure, we mapped out every possible scenario. After all, in case of an emergency stop, some functions should not actually stop completely. For example, all the safety functions must remain operational even if the machine switches itself off.” A great example of cooperation, which was rewarded with CE marking and a very efficient machine.

Jan absolutely loves his job. “The company as a whole must be on board with the safety policy. Fortunately, at Pedeo there is a positive atmosphere about it and the management is very proactive. It means I can really make a difference in my job.”

“Thanks to the efforts of our people, Pedeo has been able to continue operating.”